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Lyme Disease

Since the Well-One Clinic started work I have become very interested in Lyme disease, as patients who cannot get any help from the NHS are beginning to visit the clinic for treatment. This is an infection by the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, a spirochaete, which is transferred to the blood by a tick bite

At present there seems to be no reliable testing for such parasites in the UK. To diagnose these cases blood is often sent to California and diagnosis and treatment is rare in the NHS, although about 3,000 cases a year are said to occur.

The initial signs and symptoms often comprise a red spot or rash at the location of the tick bite known as Erythema migrans. This may be associated with fatigue, joint and muscle pain (e.g. arthritis), mild fever, headaches, drowsiness and swollen lymph glands etc.

Symptoms may not show for many years: the organism can lie dormant until a particular life event such as a period of extreme stress or another infection that alters the immune response. Other symptoms may not appear for some time but often lead to serious diseasesof the head, face and neck (e.g Bell’s palsy). The eyes, musculoskeletal system, neurological system, psychological well-being cognitive function and general well-being are under attack.


Currently methods for the diagnosis of Lyme disease rely on the detection of the Borrelia bacteria itself or the detection of blood-borne antibodies to certain portions of the bacteria. These have resulted in methods such as dot-blot, PCR, ELISA, MELISA and Western blot. Of all the methods, the most frequently used is the Western blot.


Treatment should start immediately after the tick bite and many people are now recomending a large dose of antibiotics immediately after a bite for at least one month. In the NHS it is only recommended to treat when there is a positive Elisa test and treatment should be for one month with mainly doxycycline in a higher than average dose. For those who are not diagnosed until later the antibiotic treatment needs to be much more intensive and long lasting. Treatments can include some herbal remedies and other alternative treatments. The illness is often prolonged and progressive and patients need much supporting therapy.


The Well - One Clinic, and Jacob’s Well Appeal are jointly researching best methods of diagnosis and studying best methods of treatment. The research is ongoing and dependant on funding.

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Healing by Prayer

- These services are offered free of charge.

During the week we run a healing by prayer clinic. You can ring and book a 20 minute appointment where you will be prayed for by two members of the healing team who have considerable expereince in healing, normally one male and one female. The healing clinic is run by an interdenominational group of Christians from several churches in the Beverely area. The members of our healing team have been recommended by their church leaders and are trained in the healing ministry.Healing by prayer is something Jesus taught his disciples to do and this clinic has come about because we have faith in God’s power.

Also offered are healing streams, streams of Gods love. Come and soak in the presense of Gods love on Tuesday evenings, organised by the King’s Church.

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Chronic Fatigue Support Group

If you are feeling
• Chronically Tired?
• Extremely Low?
• Loss of interest in daily activities?
• Stressed?
• Sense of helplessness/despair?
• Withdrawl or any other emotional problem?
• Muscle pain

Do not suffer in silence, the group will meet 2 - 3pm on Wednesdays at the Well - One Clinic, Jacob’s Well Yard, Swinemoor Lane, Beverley (01482 870490)
We aim to help you to support each other and share common successful treatments and failures.

Below is a quote from Joe one of the members of our group:
“I have received a diagnosis of ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and operated within the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire PCT for over 10 years
I was also led to believe that the whole problem was 'mine' and in my head.
When I attended the CFS Support Group at the Well One, I was immediately, listened to, and through simple but extremely knowledgeable information sharing, was able to re visit my medical history, signs, symptoms and progress since becoming ill.
I was amazed by the feeling of actually receiving information about my illness and feel I learned more in the 2 hours, than I have throughout my continuing care.
The respect, empathy and genuineness of the Well One Clinic has allowed me the access to what I consider to be the best quality support and care available to me, as someone with this chronic illness.”

We aim to help you to support each other and share common successful treatments and failures.

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Psychological Therapies

We are able to offer the services of personel who are well trained in CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), counselling, mother and child support, Christian counselling, a consultant psychiatrist and a GP with special interest in psychiatry.

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